“Why not?” Trout ‘sauce’ at Ohtani’s refusal… WBC nervous warfare?

“I wanted to stand at bat in the bullpen, but Ohtani wouldn’t let me.”

Mike Trout (32, LA Angels) and Shohei Ohtani (29) have already entered a war of nerves. The two players, who are expecting a confrontation at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March, showed a sense of vigilance with a small war of nerves at the spring camp of their team.

On the 19th (Korean player), Ohtani pitched in the bullpen for the second time during team spring training held at Diablo Stadium in Tampi, Arizona, USA. According to Japanese media, Ohtani threw 37 balls that day to check his condition.

At this time, there was a man who was closely watching Ohtani’s pitching. The main character is teammate Trout. On this day, Trout entered the bullpen at bat and wanted to experience Ohtani’s pitching firsthand. However, he was canceled due to Ohtani’s refusal. Trout even grumbled, saying, “Ohtani didn’t let me go to bat.”

There was a reason. A month later, the two must face each other not as colleagues, but as players representing their respective countries. Japan, which Ohtani belongs to, and the United States, represented by Trout, are strong candidates for the championship of this tournament, and there is a high probability that they will meet in the semifinals or finals. In preparation for this, Ohtani refused to let Trout enter the plate in order not to give out any information, and Trout grumbled jokingly, knowingly.

Trout had been looking forward to facing Ohtani from the moment his selection for the U.S. national team was confirmed. Even last January, Trout said, “Ohtani throws a really tricky ball. No hitter wants to play against Ohtani, but if we meet him at the WBC, we will have a fun match,” he said, looking forward to meeting Ohtani

. Mexico, Colombia, Canada and Great Britain are in Group C. Japan and the United States are highly likely to face each other in the semifinals and finals 메이저사이트

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