Why on earth are those players hitting 1 or 2? Why did Hanwha destroy tradition

There are many reasons why Hanwha made a splash with eight consecutive wins, but among them, we have to pick the fixation of the lineup.

With the addition of new foreign hitter Nick Williams, the centerline leading to Noh Si-hwan, Williams, and Chae Eun-sung has become more solid, and Lee Jin-young and Kim In-hwan, who are placed in No. 1 and No. 2, also seem to be solidifying their batting order. When Hanwha placed Lee Jin-young and Kim In-hwan in No. 1 and No. 2 for the first time, Hanwha’s choice was questioned.

Lee Jin-young’s deployment of No. 1 메이저사이트 주소 has been a great success so far. Lee Jin-young’s batting average this season.Although it is low at 248, the on-base percentage is .374, which is close to 40%. In particular, he has 87 at-bats as the first batter and a whopping on-base percentage.It reaches 425. My batting average last year was.It was only 200 and the on-base percentage.He was only a 254 player, but it was a twist. Of course, Kim In-hwan is not good with a batting average of .239 this year, and he also has a batting average in the second batting order.Although he is only 241, Hanwha has repeatedly hired Kim In-hwan as the second batter.

Why did Hanwha form a ‘new concept table setter’. Usually, players with fast feet and good on-base skills are placed in No. 1 or 2. However, Hanwha boldly broke the “tradition.”

First of all, Lee Jin-young was a player who showed the potential to use him as the first batter. Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho also placed Lee Jin-young in the first batting order when he joined Hanwha in a trade when he took charge of Futures last year. “If you look at Lee Jin-young’s second-tier performance, his on-base percentage is really high. When he first came to our team, he sent him out as the first batter in the second division. Choi Won-ho recalls, “I meant to go to bat a lot and get the hang of it quickly, but he chose a lot of walks and he was really good.” In fact, Lee Jin-young’s batting average in Futures in 2021 when he was in KIA.Although he only had 242, his on-base percentage was excellent with .380, and last year, his first season in Hanwha, he also showed a tremendous on-base ability with a batting average of .336 and an on-base percentage of .482.

Choi Won-ho, head coach of Hanwha, said, “I personally prefer to raise a mid- to long-distance batter to the top lineup. In addition to placing the lineup in the batting order that makes the batter good, I think how much pressure the opposing manager and pitchers is important, he said. “Both Lee Jin-young and Kim In-hwan are players with high swing rates.” Instead, if you come near the strike zone, the probability of contact is high. Then, you have to create an environment where you can contact in your zone. So if there are strong hitters behind these batters, pitchers will eventually throw a lot of balls near the zone, and the chances of them making contact and hitting increases due to their fast batting speed, he said, explaining why he placed Lee Jin-young and Kim In-hwan in the first and second batting order.

Head coach Choi Won-ho then said, “In the past, many players with good operational skills played as the second batter. Then, if I get a chance later, I want to use a substitute. However, if you use a pinch hitter, someone will go out of the algebra ratio, and there are many cases where a chance is caught at the end. “In fact, if you use a pinch hitter in the top batting line, you shouldn’t put it in the top batting line,” he added.

In the end, he chose a strategy to pressure the pitcher and induce a head-to-head match by intensively deploying strong hitters with one shot. This is why Hanwha was able to break the “tradition.”

Noh Si-hwan, who is having the best season of his life with a batting average of .315 17 home runs and 52 RBIs this year, is also gaining wings with the addition of new foreign hitter Williams along with Chae Eun-sung’s “umbrella.” Roh Si-hwan said, “Just having a foreign batter on the team can put pressure on the opponent.” “If a good batter joins, the ball mix will change,” he said adding, “I really feel like dynamite batters are being built little by little.” “Even if I can’t hit it, I think I can enter the batter’s box comfortably because there are batters behind me,” he said.

In response, head coach Choi Won-ho said, “The batters placed in No. 1 and No. 2 have the effect of Noh Si-hwan behind them, and the batters as a whole have the effect of Chae Eun-sung.” Williams will also not compete with Moon Hyun-bin if he is behind him. “There is no big burden as a pitcher because Moon Hyun-bin is not a long hitter or a batter on track yet,” he said. If Hanwha’s batting order is completely fixed, it would be good to expect the revival of the real dynamite lineup.

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